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1 / 3 A total solution for pig houses

Automation and management

All agricultural entrepreneurs want to be in full control of all the processes in their animal houses by means of a made-to-measure total solution, one which is either completely or partially automated. The animals are naturally the key focus and should therefore be kept under optimum growing and living conditions.

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2 / 3 Whenever a single point of emission is a must

Central extraction

Central air quality measurements provide an indication of the overall conditions in an animal house and this may lead to a choice for central extraction. Air scrubbers are always combined with central extraction. Today there is a worldwide trend away from pig houses with direct extraction and towards pig houses with central extraction.

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3 / 3 Overpressure ventilation with air filtering

Optimal Bio Security ventilation concept

PRRS or blue ear disease is a common virus disease in pigs. Pig farmers who want to achieve PRRS-free pig production will therefore have to be very disciplined as some 90% of all infections are transmitted between pigs. Breeding and AI organisations should therefore?keep the virus and any other pathogens, at bay. Overpressure ventilation combined with air filtering and good internal biosecurity is a good means to ensure this.

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