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1 / 2 Natural ventilation

Naturally ventilated cattle houses with curtain control and recirculation fans|
A damp animal house is also a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Mastitis, heat stress, claw damages and fly nuisance are all problems that can occur as a result of a non-optimally controlled climate in the cattle house. The main purpose of ventilating is to achieve and maintain a good quality of air in the house.

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2 / 2 Big data

Add value for animal health and performance, and anticipate changes in behaviour or new situations throughout the supply chain.
Although the agricultural industry works with many different suppliers, many livestock farmers have no idea whether the quality of the products and resources supplied to their farm are actually the best options for their farm. Nor do they have any idea as to what is going on at other farms. Big data can make a difference here.

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Sven van Genugten (Genugten Agri, partner in the Netherlands)

Stienen is our regular ventilation technology partner on projects for our customers. Our customers are very satisfied with the reliability, the product quality and the ease of use of the equipment. This was the reason for us to fit out the entire climate control and alarm system for a number of recent major projects in China (8,000 sows) and Romania (20,000 fatting pigs) with Stienen equipment.

Richard Kerkers (Kelgro, partner in the Netherlands)

We have been working with Stienen BV for years and our experience of working with them is good. This is both because of the range of items they supply and because of how our Purchasing Department communicates with the Stienen BV Sales Department. Since lines are short, we usually have the same two or three contacts and all items ordered (if on stock) are delivered as agreed. Urgent deliveries or picking up goods is also possible. If there are any complaints or problems, they are handled correctly by the Stienen employees. Briefly put: we look forward to continuing this pleasant collaboration in 2021 as well!

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Farm management 

CL-5400: The CL-5400 features virtually all possible ventilation controls that occur in modern cattle farming. It enables you to constantly monitor and control the climate in the cattle house. The cattle computer has one ventilation group and eight curtain controls. These controls can be programmed individually and are linked to different temperature sensors. The controller raises or lowers the curtains depending on the temperature measured. The CL-5400 also features weather compensation. In conjunction with the weather station and the rain sensor, the cattle computer ensures that any influence of rain and wind on the climate in the house is minimised. The individual ventilation groups are corrected based on wind speed, wind direction and rain, after which the corresponding curtains are opened/closed. The weather station can communicate with several houses at a time. To guarantee optimum safety and a long service life of the curtains, the CL?5400 has an anti-crush facility and a daily automatic and short open/close action. 


FarmConnect: You can access your farm data from anywhere in the world by means of the IP-485 gateway. All management information from the process computers is stored in the cloud at the data centre. You can use an SSL-protected web browser to logon to the cloud and access your farm data. This data, which may concern different locations, is centralised to give you a comprehensive overview. Customer-specific user screens ensure rapid and easy implementation of the new system. FarmConnect lets you control your farm without any problems, wherever you may be.

Remote Control

FarmRemote: WEB-SEC creates a secured and encrypted VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) with a cloud server. Using a smartphone, tablet or PC you can make a secure connection with the cloud server and taking over the display and keyboard from the Stienen control concerned. In this way it is possible to safely monitor and necessarily intervene in your farm at any time and place in the world.


EcoProp: The main benefit of the ECO-Prop is its energy efficiency. Its large diameter enables this Stienen fan to displace the same amount of air as conventional, smaller fans, but at a much lower speed. This has three advantages:
1. considerable energy savings
2. low noise level
3. reduced draughts and/or dehydration symptoms
The ECO-Prop is covered in plastic sheeting and can be controlled accurately using the Stienen MPM-5 or SPM-6/12 power controller or a frequency drive.

Air inlet

Aerowing: The primary requirement for a healthy climate is a good air distribution, keeping it moving evenly all the time. The temperature in the house should remain constant and draughts should be avoided. Sufficient air exchange is necessary to remove CO2, ammonia and dust to keep your animals healthy. Stienen BE has developed the AeroWing to optimise the distribution of the air throughout your poultry house under all conditions.