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1 / 9 Automation and management

A total solution for poultry houses
All agricultural entrepreneurs want to be in full control of all the processes in their poultry houses by means of a made-to-measure total solution, one which is either completely or partially automated. The animals are naturally the key focus and should therefore be kept under optimum growing and living conditions.

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2 / 9 Combi ventilation

Tried-and-tested ventilation concept for virtually all climate zones all over the world
Extreme temperature differences are the main challenge that can be addressed by climate control to prevent either heat (stress) and cold (draught) from leading to higher mortality among animals. Combi ventilation is a tried-and-tested ventilation concept that is appropriate to virtually all climate zones all over the world.

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3 / 9 Cross ventilation

Introducing lots of fresh air at low air speeds
Fast and effective ventilation. Introducing lots of fresh outside air, at low air speeds, to achieve an optimum air quality and minimal temperature differences in the poultry house. Cross ventilation is a ventilation principle that enables this.

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4 / 9 Equal pressure ventilation

Ventilation concept for free-range poultry houses and those with access to open-air runs
Free-range houses with access to open-air runs are on the rise all over the world. The experiences of layer farmers, as well as advice from climate specialists, have taught us that free range housing where the poultry can go outside is better when equipped with an equal pressure ventilation system.

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5 / 9 Natural ventilation

Ventilation based on temperature differences
Natural ventilation is the most straightforward ventilation concept. It is ventilation based on temperature differences and the natural chimney effect in the animal house. Hot air rises up to leave the house through an opening in the ridge. A control mechanism enables the amount of air that should be removed to be controlled.

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6 / 9 AeroX concept

Climate solution for houses in regions where the outdoor climate tends to vary strongly
The AeroX air-water heat exchanger is installed near the air inlet on the outside of the house. Through the packages of plastic tubes the fresh outside air is drawn into the house. Water that has assumed the temperature of the groundwater flows through these tubes.

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7 / 9 Traditional floor housing

The most common broiler housing system
In traditional floor housing, the flock of broilers is in a large space on the floor. Floor housing is commonly characterised by air inlets in the two side walls. Traditional floor housing is the most frequently used housing system for broilers worldwide. 

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8 / 9 SmartFeed concept

Information and control of feed and water consumption, animal weight and performance 
The right amount of feed fed to the animals in the house, at the right times. Daily information about feed consumption, water consumption, feed costs and animal weights that gives you a clear view of your animals performance and well-being.

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9 / 9 Big data

Add value for animal health and performance, and anticipate changes in behaviour or new situations throughout the supply chain.
Although the agricultural industry works with many different suppliers, many livestock farmers have no idea whether the quality of the products and resources supplied to their farm are actually the best options for their farm. Nor do they have any idea as to what is going on at other farms. Big data can make a difference here.

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Our product range For farm solutions

Complete Poultry house automation 
for optimum results

Achieving the highest possible result against the lowest possible cost. That is only possible if you can rely on proven technology that ensures optimum conditions in poultry houses day in, day out. Technology that lets you see exactly what is happening and lets you take action immediately, if necessary, wherever you are and at any time. This enables you to work efficiently and manage your employees properly. Ensuring you of the highest possible results for your farm. Stienen BE is the right partner to enable you to fully automate your poultry houses. 

In our PoultrySolution brochure you can read more about poultry house automation for modern poultry farming.

In the business for over 45 years
Active in more than 40 countries
Complete farm automation
What others say That’s what we are proud of
Jan Kuijpers (poultry farmer in the Netherlands)

Kuijpers Kip has been doing business with Stienen BE for more than 25 years. Stienen has been the sparring partner for our new henhouse from the beginning and the results are very good. A collaboration between Kuijpers Kip, Stienen and Inno-Plus has enabled us to develop a chicken house that is highly energy efficient and has very low emissions. It is also Stienen equipment that conditions the air before it reaches the chicks. Stienen is willing to look at things from our perspective and to provide bespoke solutions where necessary. Their computers are easy to use and the large touch screen immediately gives us a good view of what is going on in the animal house. FarmConnect is ideal as well. It enables us to monitor our poultry houses from any location and to immediately see what the problem is if there are any malfunctions.

Sven van Genugten (Genugten Agri, partner in the Netherlands)

Stienen is our regular ventilation technology partner on projects for our customers. Our customers are very satisfied with the reliability, the product quality and the ease of use of the equipment. This was the reason for us to fit out the entire climate control and alarm system for a number of recent major projects in China (8,000 sows) and Romania (20,000 fatting pigs) with Stienen equipment.

Richard Kerkers (Kelgro, partner in the Netherlands)

We have been working with Stienen BV for years and our experience of working with them is good. This is both because of the range of items they supply and because of how our Purchasing Department communicates with the Stienen BV Sales Department. Since lines are short, we usually have the same two or three contacts and all items ordered (if on stock) are delivered as agreed. Urgent deliveries or picking up goods is also possible. If there are any complaints or problems, they are handled correctly by the Stienen employees. Briefly put: we look forward to continuing this pleasant collaboration in 2021 as well!

Jolien Driessens (broiler farmer in Belgium)

We are very satisfied with the Stienen products in our poultry houses, such as the Stienen inlets, the PL9500 poultry computer, and the Stienen computer/fuse box. They are transparently arranged and very easy to use. Another major advantage to us is that the Stienen company is located quite close to us. If we have any questions or problems, they are always quickly ready to help us and they are very customer-friendly.

Kuzbasskiy broiler LLC (Novokuznetsk, Russia)

Our company has been using Stienen control equipment for climate control for growing broilers and breeders for many years. The Stienen controllers have proven to be very reliable in practice throughout this time. The control software is clearly and logically designed, and helps us to quickly train new employees. We are very satisfied with the cooperation we have with Stienen.

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Poultry farm management

PL-9500 management computer: The graphic display of parameters such as temperature, water, feed, weight, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) shows you the main management information at a glance. This enables you to easily and transparently monitor, control and adjust all the vital processes in the poultry house.


FarmConnect: The FarmConnect farm software enables you to convert data from our management computers into management information. FarmConnect collects all the current and historical data of all the computers on your farm and presents it in clear overviews, graphs and tables. This professional software gives you central access to your farm data. Wherever you are, you are always connected to your company so that you can intervene immediately if necessary.

Remote Control

FarmRemote: The remote control option enables you to safely connect to our management computers by smartphone, tablet or PC. This means that you can safely monitor your farm, even from a long distance, and intervene if necessary.   

Feeding system

SmartFeed: Feed costs are important for any farm. Linking a feed weigher to one of our poultry management computers gives you efficient and accurate control of this cost item, enabling you to control the silo contents, the amount of water dispensed, and record and monitor the water/feed ratio. You can also feed multiple poultry houses at the same time.

Animal weighing

SmartWeigh: Our poultry weighing system enables you to closely monitor how your animals develop. Their weight increase is translated into key figures such as: average weight, growth, standard weight and uniformity. Our poultry management computer shows this data in carefully compiled graphs on an easy-to-understand display. This gives you a transparent view of your animals’ health and performance.

Egg counting

SmartCollect: It is important that eggs are presented to the egg packing machine with all due care and optimum speed. The egg counting function carefully records the number of eggs laid per tier and row, and gives you a comprehensive view of your egg production. Reversing detection (optional) ensures that any reversed movement of the egg conveyor does not distort the egg count. You control and monitor the entire process. If you see that this process is running smoothly, without any interruptions, you know that your animals are doing well.

Controlled minimum ventilation

AQC: A good minimum ventilation level is important in order to reduce humidity, CO2, NH3 and dust in your poultry house. When the management computer has calculated the current climate requirements for your farm, the AQC measuring and control unit will ensure that the (controlled) fans will ventilate the correct amount of air, independently of weather influences and pressure differences. 

Ventilation chimneys with click system

Air supply chimneys: Stienen BE supplies smart, compact single- and double-walled ventilation chimneys for air intake and exhaust. The ventilation chimneys seamlessly fit the AQC measuring and control units and SGS fans. As one system they are solid and quick to assemble (click system).

Air inlet valve

Aerowing: The right amount of air with the right speed and in the right place for your animals.  This is an important condition for a healthy  climate. Controls that minimise any temperature differences in your poultry  house are a standard feature of our  management computers. Together with our AeroWing inlet valves, controlled by our robust EGM winch motors, they give you the assurance of proper ventilation. 

Air-to-water heat exchanger

AeroX: AeroX air-to-water heat exchangers are ideally suited for preconditioning air. In areas with suitable soil layers it is possible to make use of the heat storage in the soil. The air-to-water heat exchanger is mounted at the level of the air inlet in the poultry house as close as possible to the animals. The water in the plastic hoses is warmer than the incoming air in winter, causing it to heat up. In the summer this is the other way around.