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Having our roots in livestock farming, it is in our nature to be very close to our end users. We are a global supplier of innovative automation solutions for poultry, pig and cattle houses. Our climate solutions, automation systems, management software, and the accompanying peripheral equipment, are all developed and produced in-house. 

Stienen BE is dedicated to providing total solutions for all companies. We find it very important that our equipment should be easy to use. And we also attach great importance to having a customer focus and considering things from our customers' perspectives. That is why we will never cease to invest in the knowledge, skills and reliability of our organisation and of our partners in your area. We do this because we believe in the future of our company as a family business.

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Jan Kuijpers (poultry farmer in the Netherlands)

Kuijpers Kip has been doing business with Stienen BE for more than 25 years. Stienen has been the sparring partner for our new henhouse from the beginning and the results are very good. A collaboration between Kuijpers Kip, Stienen and Inno-Plus has enabled us to develop a chicken house that is highly energy efficient and has very low emissions. It is also Stienen equipment that conditions the air before it reaches the chicks. Stienen is willing to look at things from our perspective and to provide bespoke solutions where necessary. Their computers are easy to use and the large touch screen immediately gives us a good view of what is going on in the animal house. FarmConnect is ideal as well. It enables us to monitor our poultry houses from any location and to immediately see what the problem is if there are any malfunctions.

Sven van Genugten (Genugten Agri, partner in the Netherlands)

Stienen is our regular ventilation technology partner on projects for our customers. Our customers are very satisfied with the reliability, the product quality and the ease of use of the equipment. This was the reason for us to fit out the entire climate control and alarm system for a number of recent major projects in China (8,000 sows) and Romania (20,000 fatting pigs) with Stienen equipment.

Richard Kerkers (Kelgro, partner in the Netherlands)

We have been working with Stienen BV for years and our experience of working with them is good. This is both because of the range of items they supply and because of how our Purchasing Department communicates with the Stienen BV Sales Department. Since lines are short, we usually have the same two or three contacts and all items ordered (if on stock) are delivered as agreed. Urgent deliveries or picking up goods is also possible. If there are any complaints or problems, they are handled correctly by the Stienen employees. Briefly put: we look forward to continuing this pleasant collaboration in 2021 as well!

Jolien Driessens (broiler farmer in Belgium)

We are very satisfied with the Stienen products in our poultry houses, such as the Stienen inlets, the PL9500 poultry computer, and the Stienen computer/fuse box. They are transparently arranged and very easy to use. Another major advantage to us is that the Stienen company is located quite close to us. If we have any questions or problems, they are always quickly ready to help us and they are very customer-friendly.

Simplicity and user-friendliness as the basis for your company

Our systems are easy to use and to understand. The fact that complex technology is behind this is our concern. For this reason we invest in our own R&D department, complete technical knowledge, experience and contacts in the agricultural world. This is how we continuously fulfil the changing requirements of the market.

The kind of service we would want ourselves

There is a lot of talk about service but not by us. We prefer to treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. With detailed instructions when our equipment is delivered, our 24-hour service and with our repair department that always carries out repairs at a reasonable rate.

The importance of a good dealer close to you

It is very important to have good dealers close to you. They give advice, install equipment and provide service. For this reason we set high requirements. With regard to their knowledge, expertise, service and reliability. Our dealers can, of course, also count on us. On our product information, training, courses and support.

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