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WEB-SEC is part of the new concept


  • Remotely monitore your farm
  • Secure and fast connection with the WEB-SEC interface
  • Easy to set on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • No subscription fee

Secure connection with WEB-SEC

WEB-SEC creates a secured and encrypted VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) with a cloud server. Using a smartphone, tablet or PC you can make a secure connection with the cloud server and taking over the display and keyboard from the Stienen control concerned. In this way it is possible to safely monitor and necessarily intervene in your farm at any time and place in the world.

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Product Leaflet
File Device Name Language
FarmRemote-L-CN19121.pdf FarmRemote Chinese
FarmRemote-L-ES19121.pdf FarmRemote Spanish
FarmRemote-L-NL19121.pdf FarmRemote Dutch
FarmRemote-L-DE19121.pdf FarmRemote German
FarmRemote-L-EN19121.pdf FarmRemote English