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  • Connected to your company all over the world
  • Connection via an SSL-protected web browser
  • No local software needed
  • Central data storage and back-up of several locations
  • Several user levels
  • Customer-specific user screens
  • Remote Service Support
  • Protected communication with Stienen computers

FarmConnect: Stienen’s innovative Cloud Computing system

You can access your farm data from anywhere in the world by means of the IP-485 gateway. All management information from the process computers is stored in the cloud at the data centre. You can use an SSL-protected web browser to logon to the cloud and access your farm data. This data, which may concern different locations, is centralised to give you a comprehensive overview. Customer-specific user screens ensure rapid and easy implementation of the new system. FarmConnect lets you control your farm without any problems, wherever you may be.

You can download the General Terms and Conditions of FarmConnect BV here. 

Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
File Device Name Language
FarmConnect-L-CN20011.pdf FarmConnect Chinese
FarmConnect-L-ES20011.pdf FarmConnect Spanish
FarmConnect-L-NL20011.pdf FarmConnect Dutch
FarmConnect-L-DE20011.pdf FarmConnect German
FarmConnect-L-EN20011.pdf FarmConnect English
FarmConnect-L-FR16020.pdf FarmConnect French