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PFA-9400 is part of the new concept 


  • Dosing feed in a clear way
  • Manageable feed costs
  • Easy operation
  • Prepared for connection to Stienen feed weighers
  • Animal management in combination with the PL-9400 or PL-9500
  • Secure connection with FarmConnect and FarmRemote

Cost-effective feeding with SmartFeed

Feed costs are an important factor for any poultry farm. Stienen BE’s SmartFeed concept allows you to efficiently and carefully control this cost item. This feed concept enables you to manage ingredient stocks in silos and to adjust feed composition and feed amount to the different animal groups and/or poultry houses. This gives you optimum growth and feed conversion results.

Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
File Device Name Language
Smartfeed-L-CN20071.pdf Smartfeed Chinese
Smartfeed-L-ES20071.pdf Smartfeed Spanish
Smartfeed-L-NL20071.pdf Smartfeed Dutch
Smartfeed-L-DE20071.pdf Smartfeed German
Smartfeed-L-EN20071.pdf Smartfeed English