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  • Suitable for complete automation of any type of poultry house
  • Graphic display of all important management information
  • Clearly arranged “dashboard” with recognizable symbols
  • Can be programmed in various languages
  • USB port for updating and logging
  • Modular, so can be expanded at any time
  • Secure communication with FarmConnect and FarmRemote

The PL-9400 controls all vital processes on your farm

This clear and user-friendly poultry management computer is designed to be the heart of each type of modern poultry farm. The PL-9400 manages and controls the quality of life of animals in order to achieve optimal performance results. The climate and management computer collects all data from Stienen systems for life bird weighing, feed weighing, silo weighing, egg counting and heat exchangers and processes this data into comprehensible tables and graphs. The graphical representation of parameters such as temperature, water, feed, weight, production, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) provide you all the important management information at a glance. The PL-9400 is easy to operate using the function keys. Because unused functions are not displayed, the control system is kept easy and transparent. Thanks to the crisp and modern user interface all vital processes in the poultry house can be controlled, monitored and managed easily. 

Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
File Device Name Language
PL-9400-L-PL16110.pdf PL-9400 Polish
PL-9400-L-CN16110.pdf PL-9400 Chinese
PL-9400-L-ES20011.pdf PL-9400 Spanish
PL-9400-L-RU20011.pdf PL-9400 Russian
PL-9400-L-NL20011.pdf PL-9400 Dutch
PL-9400-L-DE20011.pdf PL-9400 German
PL-9400-L-EN20011.pdf PL-9400 English
PL-9400-L-FR16110.pdf PL-9400 French