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  • Water / air heat exchanger

  • High efficiency

  • Better living climates for people and animals

  • The heat exchanger is made of elastic plastic: - the risk of plate packs being damaged by frost is ruled out and resistant to ammonia

  • Unique liquid circuit connection system

  • Modular construction

  • Robust and easy to clean construction

  • Optimum energy transfer when combined with AeroComp wind compensation


Preconditioning the incoming air is a must for a healthy climate in animal houses

Changing welfare standards and efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics have set high requirements on the climate that animals live in. Furthermore, operating results benefit from minimising risks such as draught and heat stress. This has led Stienen BE to develop the AeroX. This heat exchanger heats or cools the incoming air, balancing out the extremes of the outdoor climate. This results in an optimum climate in the animal house. The energy needed for this water/air heat exchanger is generated by an external source of energy (e.g. a groundwater well or surface water) or is recovered from the residual heat of the exit air from the animal house or a biogas plant.


Below you see some of the projects Stienen BE has completed together with Inno-plus.
For more information about the AeroX application possibilities, please refer to our sister company’s website Exegy

Kuijpers Kip, Netherlands

- Complete project: 1.1 million chickens, 4 ages
- Cage system
- Central ventilation system
- Air scrubbing and heat recovery
- Preheating with heat pump system   



Avinash, Nepal

- Broiler breeding farm
- Free-range with laying cages, 16.000 hens
- Cooling and preheating using groundwater
- 2 tiers  



Elkanana, Egypte 

- Great Grant Parent (GGP) farm using overpressure and specific pathogen free (SFP) filters




Jofra Poultry, Nederland

- Broiler farm 
- Ground housing
- 300.000 chickens
- Central exhaust system with air scrubbers
- Cooling and preconditioning using ground water


Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
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