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  • Data from FarmConnect is exported to a legible file, an XML export file 
  • This XML export file can be provided to external parties to give them access to your house data
  • External parties can convert the data into an overall overview

Big Data

Big data refers to the vast amount and variety of digital data which is stored worldwide and made available in ‘real time’. Volume, velocity and variety are the three identifying characteristics of big data. There is a vast amount of data involved in livestock farming. Every partner in the value chain collects data. If we take the poultry chain as an example, partners include feed mills, farms with parent and/or grandparent stock, hatcheries, broilers, transport companies, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and consumers. They are all links in this value chain which produce important data. Looking at the data in the entire chain as a single aggregated entity enables new insights to be gained.

Data collection

You continue to be the owner of your own data The XML export file generated for you by Stienen BE using the FarmConnect data enables an external party to analyse and give you a transparent view of all your relevant farm data. These analyses will help you make better decisions and optimise your performance.

  • Overall view and control of all processes
  • Manage growth
  • Improve results
Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
File Device Name Language
XML-Export-L-ES22040.pdf XML-Export Spanish
XML-Export-L-NL22040.pdf XML-Export Dutch
XML-Export-L-DE22040.pdf XML-Export German
XML-Export-L-EN22040.pdf XML-Export English